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Why choose CU Boulder as an international student?

Studying in the United States is an exciting opportunity that provides students new experiences that prepare them for their future career and studies. Some of the reasons students choose to pursue higher education include building expertise in a subject, gaining international experience and having access to leading faculty and research opportunities. At the University of Colorado Boulder, students have the opportunity to explore multiple interests, gain global experience and support and be a part of the dynamic research initiatives on campus.

Flexibility to explore your passions and interests.

Higher education in the United States is unparalleled in the flexibility it provides students in customizing their degree. At CU Boulder, it’s easy to blend your interests in the form of multiple majors, major/minor combinations and certificates. Students are able to take elective courses and explore various interests before choosing a major as well.

When studying in the United States, you’re never boxed in to one career or major. We know the world of careers is always changing and many jobs that will exist in the future haven’t even been thought of yet! At CU Boulder, we make it easy for you to gain experience in multiple areas and to develop the skills and competencies that will help you succeed in whatever career and region of the world you choose to pursue in the future.

Access to global opportunities and support.

At CU Boulder, there are many ways for you to gain global experience and to find support within our community. With 3,100 international students from 100+ countries, students are exposed to a variety of cultures and diverse perspectives both in and out of the classroom.

Students can pursue research abroad, engage in international-related majors and minors, study foreign languages or participate in activities like study abroad or global seminars. Global seminars, for example, are short-term international programs taught and directed outside of the US by CU Boulder faculty during your semester breaks!

In addition to access to global opportunities, students also receive excellent support as they transition to living and adapting in a new culture. For example, CU Boulder has an excellent International Student and Scholar Services office that provides support and programs for students.

Access to global opportunities and international initiatives does not end on campus – CU Boulder also works to integrate international students in the broader community through our Boulder Friends of International Students program, a program that has been running for nearly 70 years and connects students to the community!

Research and innovation.

CU Boulder is a member of the Association of American Universities, a prestigious group of only 62 universities devoted to maintaining a strong system of academic research and education. What this means for international students is that there are many opportunities and excellent funding for students to get involved in research!

Research at CU Boulder encompasses scholarly, scientific and creative endeavors. Students can become involved in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) as well as within CU Boulder’s 11 research institutes and 90 research centers focused on a variety of topics. There are opportunities in all disciplines to pursue research, projects and initiatives that will help build your interest, skills and experience to prepare you for your future career!

Closely linked with research is innovation, and there are many ways to engage in endeavors such as CU Boulder’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative. For example, CU Boulder’s New Venture Challenge connects the campus to the Boulder community to develop and fund entrepreneurial ideas. There is also a program called HackCU, where motivated students and individuals come together to use technology and creativity to generate ideas and build new things.

Michelle Trimpe

Michelle Trimpe
International Admission Counselor
Office of Admissions