Cameron at Latin America high school visitOn my most recent visit to Latin America, I had the pleasure of meeting students and educators in Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Honduras, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. I had a wonderful time experiencing all of the incredible cultures, foods and, of course, the amazing students.

I had the opportunity to experience some amazing things in the short amount of down time I had on the trip. I ate the best ceviche I have ever eaten at an outdoor fish market in Panama -- a 20 oz. Styrofoam cup filled to the brim with every type of seafood you could imagine! I also experienced Machu Picchu, a Wonder of the World. Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not mention how the street tacos in Mexico left me speechless and full of joy.

The only thing which surpassed my love for Mexican street tacos was the interactions with the brilliant students from all over Latin America. It was remarkable conversing with you about your lives and interests. You are all truly something special, incredibly smart, deeply worldly and fluent in multiple languages. I was impressed by the experiences and knowledge you all have gained in your still young lives. The quality of education you receive is inspiring. Your campuses, school lunches, extracurricular activities, opportunities to impact the world through charity work and educators far surpass anything I had ever experienced growing up.

Hopefully by now you all have gotten the chance to see how you can continue these incredible experiences on our campus and in our community. Whether it is through our world-class academic programs, 400+ student clubs or organizations or the wonderful outdoor activities, cultural events and community that make Boulder the #1 college town in the country, we know you will find a place where you can truly thrive and Be Boulder.

Cameron at Machu PicchuAll of your unique perspectives and experiences are truly appreciated and welcomed on our campus. We deeply value these things on our campus and in our community and we look forward to you enriching the place many students like you and I have called home.

My advice to any of you interested in applying to the University of Colorado Boulder would be to get in touch with me! I know that applying to college can be intimidating but I am here to guide you along and to make your next step in life go smoothly. CU Boulder is more attainable than you might think! Through our holistic review process, we look at all of the factors of your application (grade trend, rigor of courses, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, personal essays, etc.) for reasons to admit you, not reasons to deny you!

So keep an eye on that early decision deadline of November 15, as it is non-binding and will get some of the stress of senior year out of the way and allow you to focus on getting the most out of your last year of high school. If you apply by November 15, you will be notified of a decision by February 1, so that means less time waiting and worrying! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

The admissions committee looks forward to reviewing your application, and as always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are here to help!

International Admissions


Cameron Sadafi CU Boulder International Admission Counselor

Cameron Sadafi
International Admission Counselor
Office of Admissions