View from an airplane windowHello Future Buffs, welcome to a new school year and one of my favorite times of year, the fall. For a while now, the fall, has meant it’s time to get out of my office and off campus to travel. CU Boulder admission counselors travel all over the United States, and some of us even travel internationally. Traveling all over the U.S., meeting with students and experiencing new places is one of my favorite aspects of working in admissions. Also, being a bit ADHD, I appreciate the opportunity to change my daily routine, get out, see some new places and meet some amazing future Buffs.

Ever wondered what your CU Boulder admission counselor is doing before and after you meet with them? It’s not all fancy clothes (you wear them more than once), glamorous hotels (glamorous means there is hot water and a free bagel) and cool rental cars (anything but a yellow Yaris please!!), though there is some of that…allow me to share with you a little of the behind the scenes life of being an admission counselor.

It all starts with the plan. Google Maps is where I start plotting all of the schools I am visiting. Most of the time this means I am within 5 to 10 minutes between schools, but sometimes I get the chance to see if I can drive from Langley to Bethesda in 20 minutes (Why is there a river and only 1 bridge? Still doable, if no accidents on 495…). Once my plan is done, and I have my visits confirmed, then it’s out on the road to meet you!

Sure, life on the road can be fun (driving a Mini Cooper through a snow storm in Alaska), exhausting (the third time in a row, the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night in your hotel and you have to be up at 5 am) and exhilarating (like the time my plane was on fire while landing). Predominantly though, life on the road is fulfilling! For me, it’s all about the students I meet, their stories, their dreams for the future and how they are finding a fit at CU Boulder. It’s the student who is so excited to apply to environmental design because they want to be an architect. Or the student who will be the first in their family to go to college, who just got their acceptance letter and came to a reception.  

Sometimes it feels like I don’t stop moving from September until Thanksgiving. I, and the other admission counselors all have a passion for what we do. We spend long days and nights away from home (remember the glamorous hotels?). However, the time spent away from our families and friends in airports, hotels and cars is all worth it when we get to meet future Buffs. Sharing the opportunities CU Boulder holds for our prospective students and watching them discover a place that will help them reach their potential, makes all the travel well worth the fun, exhaustion and exhilaration.

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See you soon!

Zeni Whittall

Zeni Whittall
Senior Assistant Director
Office of Admissions