Kelsey at the buffalo statueMy name is Kelsey Livingston and I’m currently a sophomore at CU Boulder. I’m originally from Northern California. To be specific, Livermore, which is wine country and very different from the high elevation of Boulder. I came to Colorado the summer prior to my junior year of high school. When people asked me about college I always brushed them off, saying I had my sights set on the East Coast. I wanted to pave my own path and at the time I thought that meant going as far away from home as possible. Colorado was just a summer vacation. It wasn’t meant to be a college tour trip, but my dad insisted we look at one school. That one school happened to be CU Boulder. Upon taking my first steps on campus, I was instantly in love. The buildings had me in a trance as I pictured myself walking through the buildings from class to class. When people told me they found their colleges through a “this is it” experience, I thought they were crazy. Little did I know I would have that same reaction to CU.

I’m a Creative Writing major and History minor. Not exactly what people think of when they think of CU; we are a research university that has a ranked engineering school and a repertoire of graduating astronauts. Those statistics, however, do not deter from my educational experience. I am extremely passionate about what I learn and do, and I can’t imagine myself anywhere other than CU. My small creative writing workshops allow me to gain confidence in my work and share my life with people who have common stories and goals.

What I have found during my first two years at Boulder is that CU permits students to look into other interests that are not exactly tailored to their specific major. For example: I have changed my minor three times. I can take classes that suit what I want my education to entail. In high school I was captain of my tennis team; at CU I have the opportunity to still play competitive tennis without competing against big name schools. CU allows me to create the college experience I want to have. My time in Boulder is unique and special to me, just as it is unique and special to someone else in their own way.



Kelsey Livingston
Creative Writing and History Minor, 2019