Alondra Palomino

My name is Alondra Palomino and am from Thornton, CO, not too far from CU Boulder’s Campus. Growing up as a first generation student, I was not fully prepared for the college application process. My godparents wanted to support me as much as they could but it was difficult, as they had never gone through the process themselves. My godparents always emphasized the importance of attaining a post-secondary education and I knew that I was going to college.

I was fortunate to be in a program that prepared me for college, the Pre-Collegiate Development Program. The summer of my junior year in high school, I was able to come and stay at CU Boulder for five weeks and experience what it was like to be a college student. It was that summer that I knew I was capable of going to a university. I met amazing mentors during that summer, and it was because of that program and the people that I met, that I knew that the University of Colorado Boulder would be my top choice.

I am now a third year student at CU Boulder majoring in Integrative Physiology and I do not regret my decision of coming to this campus. Not only do I get to have a great education and a great view, but also I have found my community and have made everlasting friendships. There is something for everyone. I am fortunate to be a Puksta Scholar, which is a scholarship in which scholars develop a civic engagement project to help our communities. Part of my project has focused on facilitating parent workshops that focus on the college application process and make it easier to understand for parents. This work, similar to the work students will experience in the new Leadership & Community Engagement major, has been very meaningful to me.

Being here at CU has changed my perspective on many things and within just the three years I have been here, I can say that I have grown so much, and overall it has made me a more well-rounded individual. As my final year of being at CU Boulder approaches, I am excited for the future and I am ready to use all the lessons learned that I have attained during my undergraduate career.


Alondra Palomino
Integrative Physiology, 2018