ENVD Project

As I prepare to graduate this semester, I’ve begun to reflect back on my journey at the University of Colorado (CU) and how the decisions I’ve made have led me to this point. I have loved my time at CU Boulder in the Environmental Design (ENVD) Program, and I will always look back fondly on the great experiences I’ve had in the past four years.

I grew up in Boulder. I went to Boulder High School, which is in sight of CU’s campus. I remember learning the CU fight song in second grade. I have always loved CU. Yet, when I was applying to college, I had many people in my life who were encouraging me to go to college out-of-state. They wondered why I would want to stay in the same city as I grew up in? They questioned whether I was holding myself back by deciding to stay in Colorado and not attending an Ivy League school. They asked me if CU would offer me a degree that would help advance my career in the future. 

At the time, I had mixed emotions and was feeling a bit lost. I did extensive research about the Environmental Design Program, and I knew I found the perfect program for me. Looking back now, I know I made the right choice, despite what others thought, to come to CU and its Program in Environmental Design (ENVD). The last four years have been amazing, I’ve learned more than I could imagine, met the best people, and have found myself and what I love to do.

So why did I choose CU, despite the reservations of many people in my life? The main force behind my decision was the degree that I wanted to pursue. I learned in high school that I loved design and math, and I wanted to find a way to do both. I wanted a degree that would allow me to be creative and logical. I had personal connections to ENVD, and I knew from that connection that architecture would be a good blend of math and design. However, I wasn’t sold on architecture as a degree. I looked at many different schools, and even did a college tour before starting my senior year of high school. Every other school I looked at, however, only offered architecture as a program, and that scared me. I didn’t know that architecture was really what I wanted to do, and I didn’t want to lock myself into four years of something I didn’t love. Looking at Environmental Design though, architecture was only once piece of the program. ENVD was something that would give me the freedom to do any kind of design and not limit me to one discipline. ENVD gave me the option to explore math and design and architecture and many other interests of mine to truly discover my career aspirations.

Beyond ENVD, I have always loved CU. The campus is beautiful, the professors are amazing, and the options are endless. Boulder is a great town, one that I will be sad to leave in the future. However, it is because of my time at CU that I can see myself getting my dream job and moving to somewhere like New York or Boston or San Francisco to pursue what I love. I would highly recommend CU to anyone. Whether you are in-state like me, or coming from somewhere else, if CU allows you to follow your passion like it has for me, then don’t hesitate to Be BoulderBound. 



Kyra Traxler
Environmental Design, 2017