There aren’t many things more relaxing than a drive through a forest road in the fall, foliage infesting the furling the mountains in a warmth that can’t be matched by any other season. Autumn is certainly a time to “swell the gourd”, not only in harvest, but also through the 10 pounds we all probably gain from apple cider… alone. In addition to the sea of flannel shirts and $5 pumpkins in every store as people prepare for Halloween, there is one part about a Colorado autumn that epitomizes this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness—the Aspen trees. One needn’t drive far to witness the wonder of the wilting and changing leaves of the Aspen trees, a short trip up to Nederland would suffice. Then once you arrive, it’s time to throw yourself straight into a Keats poem and hunt for the Aspens that have been kissed by the maturing sun.

For any newcomers, I suppose you should be instructed on how to get to Nederland, luckily (brace yourself for a shameless plug), I have a blog all about it from last year! However, if you can’t find it or do not have the time, the directions are simple. Turn west on Canyon Blvd. in Boulder and follow the road that has the big “Nederland This Way” sign. After about 20-30 min you should be approaching the small mountain town, the more pretty the colors of the trees are, the closer you are. Pass through Nederland, stop for a coffee of tea if you are so inclined, and head up to the town of Eldora. While driving, make sure to live a little and roll down your windows—let the winnowing winds of autumn lift up your hair as the anticipation for the foliage grows. Have you reached the town of Eldora yet? Perfect. Then it’s time for a pit stop.

Fun history time with Ben: Eldora was a mining town founded in 1875 during the Colorado Gold Rush.  Nowadays, it is still a running town with about 150 residents, but the eerie antique feeling of what Eldora used to be still sneaks its way through the Aspens surrounding the towns. Speaking of the Aspens (seamless transition), they are absolutely stunning up in Eldora. See, Aspen hunting isn’t that bad, is it? If you really want to immerse yourself in the trees and squeeze all you can from them in their last oozing hours, there are plenty of hiking trails around the town that are just dying to be explored. To serve as incentive to take a trip up before winter hit, there are some pictures straight from Eldora to help you get off your feet and get yourself out there!

aspen colors