It’s been just over a month since my senior year started. School is now starting to get busy as we are starting to design the power board for a submarine in the Capstone Lab (Senior Design Lab). It is for a mini-submarine being built by an engineering student group called RoboSub. However, school is not as busy as I thought it would be, because I was able to complete most of my required credits over the last three years rather than having them pile up till the end. I still try to spend more time with school work than I used to so that I can graduate with a good GPA. I had much more involvement with outside class activities when I was a freshman, sophomore or a junior.

I am part of two student groups called the International Festival Committee and CU International. In the International Festival Committee I get the chance to work with magnificent students, both domestic and international, to organize CU-Boulder’s largest student organized event. Through CU International I am able to connect with many student from around the world. In CU International we organize weekly socializing events for students for both stress relief and to make connections. International Coffee Hour is one of those events which helped me in my freshman year to meet new people and make long lasting friendships.

Something that helped me with the transition to the American culture is to get into the community and see what it is like to be an American. One of the best decision I made as a freshman is signing up for a host family through the Boulder Friends of International Students program. There I got to connect with a wonderful American family with whom I still stay in touch after three years. They helped me to understand American values and to blend into the community. As a result now I am a big fan of American Football and I look forward for American celebrations like Thanksgiving every year. CU-Boulder has a great program for International students that helps them to have the best study abroad experience.