Applying to any college takes some effort. Writing essays, getting recommendations from teachers, requesting transcripts from high schools and so on. However, this one time commitment and effort into the application process can change the direction of your life.friends

I was home schooled for my last year and a half before college, so when I applied to CU Boulder I did not have the administrative support that most high school students get from their schools. However, I was passionate about starting my college life in the US and I was committed to make it happen.

Applying to CU Boulder is not a hardfriends process to follow. The application can be found on the University of Colorado Boulder website, where you can submit the application and pay the application fee online. Then, in order to complete the application you will have to send official transcripts from your high school (also college transcripts if you are a transfer student), to the Office of Admissions along with the two required essays and at least one letter of recommendation. All these material that are required to support your application and they are equally important because your admission counselors is trying to understand the complete picture of you.

Your essays and recommendation letters can support your application as much as your good grades, because it will let the counselors know about your personality and your career goals. This will help counselor make a decision on whether you are a good fit for CU-Boulder community and vice-versa. After submitting all required documents, it is important to follow up with your application status as updates will be posted asking for additional material. Checking the application status regularly give you enough time to submit additional materials if they asked for, before a deadline approaches.

I wish all interested international students ‘Good Luck!’ in the application process for upcoming semesters Fall 2017.