Published: April 27, 2016

Students having funIn your freshman year of college, you make a lot of good choices that will positively affect the rest of your college career. You also make some not-so-great decisions, some smaller than others—like forgetting to wear socks to class, or getting out of the dorm shower and realizing that you forgot your towel. One mistake that I made my freshman year was that I foolishly did not get involved in any extra-curricular activities.

This may not seem like that big of a deal, but not getting involved in any clubs, Greek life, sports teams, bands, etc. makes integrating into university a lot harder than it needs to be. Being a part of a group not only helps the university seem smaller (like everyone says), but it also helps you establish a network of friends and professional connections that could absolutely last a lifetime. This, by no means, is saying that being in extra-curricular activities is the only way to make friends and connections at university—I’ve made plenty of friends and connections—but it serves as a catalyst for the matter. In addition, being in a group makes you much more productive. Many of my friends who are in extra-curricular activities don’t have the whole afternoon and evening to do their assignments or to get errands done, hence they use the time that they have much for effectively, and don’t mess around while doing what needs to get done. On the other-hand, I personally find that because I’m not involved, I have the whole afternoon to do my assignments, and as a result, I end up putting them off until the last hour, because I kept thinking “I still have time to do this”.

It’s as simple as just signing a sheet of paper or sending a short email, however by the time that I decided I wanted to get involved, all the deadlines had been missed. Getting involved is such an easy thing to do, and I don’t want anyone in the next incoming class to think that they don’t belong or that it’s too hard to become a part of something. Hence, my small word of advice is just look around and see what you’d be interested getting involved in. CU-Boulder has so many clubs, and I think joining clubs is one of the smartest things my friends did—failing to get involved in my freshman year was most certainly my biggest mistake.




Benjamin Rains