Published: April 25, 2016

Cassandra and friendsGoing to a big university may seem like a place where you have less of an impact, but I’ve learned that it can be the opposite depending on how you handle it. At larger universities, you have more opportunities, and bigger organizations to join. There are very few things you cannot do here. Although you may not be able to affect every single part of the school, you can leave large impacts on the things you are a part of. I have some tips on how to leave your mark on CU-Boulder.

Do something that is meaningful to you. This can take a lot of different forms for a lot of different people. For some people, it can be volunteering with the Volunteer Resource Center. For others, it can be student government. For me, it was joining Cultural Events Board and contributing to the diversity efforts on campus. Although I don’t often think about it when I’m working, we make a huge impact on campus by putting on our own events and funding others’ events. Not only do we help make campus more diverse, but we also help create memories for others.

Although it’s important to do things that mean a lot to you, another thing you can do is do something that you enjoy. For me, that is cooking with my friends on the weekends and doing random activities with them. We’ve gone to art museums, gone swimming and plenty of other adventures. I’m lucky to have friends who are pretty adventurous and always want to explore off campus. A lot of people are involved in other fun clubs like Swing Dance club and the Psychedelic Club. College is the time to try new things, so don’t be shy! You’ll leave a legacy no matter what you do.




Cassandra Duchan