Published: April 12, 2016

Cassandra on campusDuring my freshman year of college. Even though I love Colorado and I grew up here, I initially decided to go to college across the country. I really wasn’t expecting the culture shock of moving so far away. The east coast is a very different place for many reasons. The first is the overall environment. While Colorado and Boulder especially have a lot of outdoor space, downtown Washington, DC did not have much. The parks were of course very pretty and very well-maintained, but there’s nothing compared to the mountains and Flatirons.

Another thing I missed about Colorado was a different type of college experience that I get here at CU-Boulder. Because my old school was in the middle of the city, it allowed everyone to do their own thing. That was awesome to be able to intern and work and go to school at the same time, but it was also hard to make strong connections on campus. Here, I think I’ve made lifelong friendships and mentorships. I’ve also still gotten to intern and work while in school, but just in a different location.

The other great thing about being in Colorado meant that I was close to my family in Denver. One of the hardest parts of going out of state for me was not being around my family. Even though I got used to not being around my family, it was good to be closer. It was hard to decide on colleges, but sometimes the second time’s the charm. 




Cassandra Duchan