Published: April 11, 2016

Makers Collective PosterCalling all creators, tinkers, designers, and makers—Have you heard of the Makers Collective Club at CU-Boulder? This after-school club is a great way to get your creative energy out, as well as get to know some of the coolest people from different parts of campus, with large ambitions for the future of technology, by combining artistry with STEM fields of study. ALL majors are welcome! You don’t have to be an engineer or design major to participate!

The general mission statement, from President Emily Daub: 

"The Makers Collective is created by a community of students who want camaraderie and a place to collaborate in workshops and classes where informal learning and teaching take place. The group aims to bridge the gap between the arts and science. We will serve the community through workshops that teach various skills including, but not limited to: electronics, physical computing, interaction design, programming, and building/fabrication. We also seek to create a diverse and highly interdisciplinary environment for collaboration. We see the Makers Collective as a way for people from incredibly different academic backgrounds to work together in ways that would not happen in the traditional classroom environment. We also try to reduce the barrier of entry to topics, such as electronic and computer science, for non-engineers, to widen the possibilities for the application of skills to promote inclusiveness within the STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art and mathematics) fields. We accomplish this in line with the broader goals of the maker community; through the creation of tangible projects to showcase individual creativity and ingenuity, while furthering the community through open source sharing."

The club hosts learning workshops open to all students every Tuesday at 5pm in the BTU Environmental Design Lab (ENVD 234), on a weekly basis. There is usually free pizza and the opportunity to learn how to create, from woodworking, sewing and laser cutting to wearable technology, 3D printing and more. This is a cool opportunity to learn how to DIY! Go join the Facebook group to stay updated on upcoming events: Makers Collective at CU. Come try something new and create with peers!




Harper Brown