Published: April 4, 2016

Cassandra hiking with friendsI am graduating in less than two months which is both exciting and scary. The coolest part about my imminent departure is that I’m reflecting more on my experiences at CU-Boulder, and the things I should do before I leave.

Here are some of the things on my CU-Boulder bucket list:

  • Hike all the Chautauqua trails: Chautauqua is a big place, so even after living here for years I haven’t gotten to traverse all of it...until now! I finally am making my way through every path because why not? It’s down the street from where I live, so I have no excuses. It’s crazy to see how vast and different the paths are.
  • Go to a basketball game: This is sad, but I have gone to many football games but no basketball games. I think I’ve always been a little too lazy to walk to Coors, but I finally did it. So worth it. The crowds at basketball games have insane school spirit and it’s amazing!
  • Attend as many events as possible: This is the last time in life I’ll have access to free college-hosted events without looking out of place, so it’s also time to take advantage of them! I am going to every Program Council free movie night, cultural event put on by different clubs, and free networking event put on by the university. It has been worth it not only in free food, but in experiences. This has been a great way to get me to stop watching so much Netflix (they are probably noticing my absence) and to hang out with my friends more.
  • Go to as many restaurants I haven’t been to as possible: Boulder’s food scene is awesome, but I’ve gotten into the habit of sticking to a few restaurants. My favorites will always be there, but it was time to try some new places. So far, I’ve gone to Leaf Restaurant and finally ate at The Sink for the first time (I’m not sure how I’ve avoided it this long). Both were awesome and I don’t regret deviating from the favorites!




Cassandra Duchan