Published: March 28, 2016

CU-Boulder graduationI think there are three phases of senior year. The first is being really excited to be done with school. The second is panicking about being done with school. And the third (I hope) is being ready to be done with school.

I am currently in the second phase, preparing to enter the third. There are a lot of things that go into panicking about graduating. The first is realizing how little time you have left as an undergraduate. What started as a fun countdown started turning into one that scared me. Then, you start imagining the possibilities of life after graduation. There are a lot. You can go the safe route and share your dog’s doghouse where you are guaranteed a snug but smelly existence (just kidding please don’t do that). You can also go the adventurous route by traveling and enjoying life while you’re young. There are plenty of things in between those options, so don’t worry if those don’t suit you.

What I have learned most about preparing for life after graduation is that panicking actually does nothing. It just makes me eat boxes of mochi and finish several seasons of shows on Netflix. What I have also learned is that there’s a lot out there to choose from, so I should not panic. Graduation is the time when you can do really whatever you want to do. You can continue school, you can travel, you can work. All of these possibilities are open to you as long as you’re willing to make it happen.

That being said, when you’re getting ready to graduate and move on to the possibilities of life, embrace them with open arms. Do not eat boxes of mochi and binge watch TV. Apply to the jobs you want or schools you want to go to, or work to save money to travel or invest in the future. Leaving school can seem scary, but in the end it’s going to be great.




Cassandra Duchan