Published: March 25, 2016

Gourmet sandwichIf there is one thing that I love more than anything else, it is food. Eating is my hobby. Unfortunately, one pretty defining aspect of me right now is that I am a broke college student. Fellow broke foodies rejoice, though, because there is hope. You can still eat well around campus, even on a budget.

Here are a few of my favorite apps for cheap food in Boulder:

  1. Hooked: If you have never heard of Hooked, then you are missing out. Hooked is a free app that lets you quickly scroll down and see a list of deals that restaurants in the area are having. There are tons of different restaurants, ranging from pizza, to subway, to sushi…and there are usually pretty great deals. I, for example, am a big fan of Motomaki (think Chipotle meets sushi if you’ve never heard of it). Normally, a meal at Motomaki can cost about $10. Hooked regularly has deals though for 50% off...which is a great thing for my wallet and a pretty bad thing for my waistline.
  2. Groupon: Groupon is another free app that is great if you are looking for something a little nicer or outside of Boulder. There are always great deals like “Buy $30 worth of food for $15.” The deals are also always changing so you are never bored. **Bonus: there are activities other than food that are available.
  3. HungryBuffs: My last recommendation for food savings is HungryBuffs. This delivery service is designed specifically for CU students. They offer varieties of restaurant options so that you can get exactly what you are looking for without ever leaving your dorm or apartment. The best part about HungryBuffs? They are open late! If you ever wonder where you can find cheap pizza at 1am then never fear, HungryBuffs is here. **Be sure to check your email too as they often send out hot deals throughout the day.



Lia Peulen