Published: March 23, 2016

Michael Twitty posterCU-Boulder is not a place where you can be bored: no matter how involved you are, there are events happening practically every day here. I have gone to so many different things from watching Jane Goodall speak to going to the South Asian Students Association Show to free fitness classes at the rec center. Here are some places you can go to see what’s going on around campus:

  • The CU-Boulder Today emails that everyone receives: If you want to get a convenient snapshot of what is happening around campus, the CU-Boulder Today newsletter is the best option. This gets sent out every couple of days to all students, so it’s a great way to keep up with things happening around campus.
  • Posters: If you walk around campus, you’ll find that there are posters everywhere in every building. That’s how I find out about most opportunities on campus because you can find anything here. There are things listed for on-campus and off-campus events and opportunities, so there is no way you’ll miss out on things going on in Boulder.
  • Facebook events: One cool feature of Facebook that I didn’t use until recently is the “Events by Me” option. This was a really easy way to find cool events nearby that my friends and I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. Most student groups on campus make Facebook events for anything they’re planning, so it’s a great way to see what’s happening.

It can be easy to stay inside sometimes—especially while you’re getting into the swing of school—but I encourage you to go to any event that you’re interested in. It’s worth it (and there is free food a lot of the time)!




Cassandra Duchan