Published: March 18, 2016

Teacher teaching classThroughout college, I have gotten to take a diverse set of courses while being an economics major. The school has required courses that may seem unnecessary at first, but will probably be really enjoyable for you if you choose classes you would like. These are some of the best courses I’ve taken over the years here.

United States Race and Ethnic Relations: This class was an elective that I needed to fulfill some requirements, but it ended up being one of the most interesting classes I’ve taken thus far at CU. We learned about what race and ethnicity mean explicitly in a US context. We had a really passionate instructor, Josh LePree, and he made class really fun and interesting—even though it was at 8am. Although it’s a complex topic, the class became a great discussion space that sparked a lot of good thoughts. You can look more at the class here:

Our Changing Environment: This class was a science core class that was a requirement, but it ended up opening my eyes a lot. I hear a lot about climate change, but I definitely had no idea what the science was behind it. This class broke down why the earth has had increasing average temperatures in a scientific manner. It was nice to hear these things outside of the political sphere because there were no opinions, just facts. My professor also had a great sense of humor and made science (my greatest fear) a lot of fun. Here’s information on the class here:

Economic Development: This was by far my favorite class for my major because it delved into really interesting social and political topics in addition to economics. We discussed the economics behind different development policies and what creates economic development in different places. We covered gender, inequality and other really interesting subjects. My professor, Francisca Antman, was also a really lively instructor and inspired learning in this area. You can look more at the class here:




Cassandra Duchan