Published: March 15, 2016

People hanging out at the beachDaytona Beach? Cancun? Beach parties? These are the general ideas we associate with "college spring break"—but is it an accurate description of what the CU freshman class is doing? If I’m honest, I can’t speak on behalf of all 6000 freshmen, I’m sure that some of them will go to places like Florida and Mexico. However, most, if not all, of the people I know and have spoken to (including me), are not doing a typical college spring break. What are they doing then you say? I’m so glad you asked!—without further ado: Spring Break 2016, what’s what?

Like I said, the majority of the people I know aren’t going to Florida, but rather, going home! I think it’s a really nice thing for people to go and visit their family over the break. Even though there are only 6 weeks after spring break until the end of the year, it’s still nice to get in some quality time with your family. Similar to visiting family, I know many people visiting friends in different states, and even countries. From Arizona, to Ireland, to Bangkok, I know people who are taking advantage of the week off to visit some of their best friends in their friend’s hometowns.

Another popular option: Skiing. We wouldn’t be in Colorado if people didn’t take advantage of the Rocky Mountains nearby over spring break, and “shred some gnar.” Although, I find that the majority of the people who will be skiing over spring break are my in-state friends, understandably. Now transitioning over to what the Libby RAP (my hall) is doing over spring break. I know that they have plenty of day excursions planned out for those who plan on staying in the halls over break—and for those who were lucky enough, the Libby RAP is giving 20 fortunate RAP students a trip to New York City!

Taking this into account, I can only assume the other RAP halls have cool things planned for their residents as well. The main point is, if you’re upset because you can’t fit Florida or Mexico into your spring break schedule, don’t fret! Spring break is what you make of it—it doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach, or in the Antarctic Tundra, you’ll have fun if you make an active decision. So get out there, and make the most of your spring break, wherever you’ll be—and most of all…make sure you some back with a story to tell your friends!




Benjamin Rains