Published: March 9, 2016

Boulder in the springComing from the east coast, I’m generally used to winters starting late, but lasting straight until the first day of Spring. You can imagine my confusion when I walked outside on February 14, and it was 62ºF, the sun was shining, and people were outside enjoying the weather. Referring back to when we talked about Groundhog Day, we went over Phil’s magical powers. This year, the adorable little groundhog didn’t see his shadow, which many take as a sign of an early spring, because apparently a pampered rodent knows more about the seasons than our best meteorologists. But, could Phil possibly have been right? I mean, it’s been a few weeks now, and as far as I can tell the warm weather isn’t going away. Could we be out with the "lion of winter" and in with the "lamb of spring"?

Most people I know all had the same reaction to the warm weather. We all came out of our winter hibernation holes (bedrooms) and looked around, confused. My roommate and I exchanged a look that portrayed the message “is this a trick? Is Colorado luring us into a trap?” We all cautiously stepped outside, hiding our frisbees and footballs, expecting Colorado to tell us that it was just kidding and start snowing—but no snow came. Everyone unanimously decided that we needed to take advantage of the warm weather while it lasted. As if by military order, Farrand Field was stormed by sunbathers, frisbee throwers, hammockers and general people hanging out.

Fast forward two days, and the shorts started to come out. I knew it was serious business then—the warm weather had no intention of leaving anytime soon. Sunglasses: On. Boots: Off. T-Shirt: Most certainly. Spring has officially sprung… or has it? I suppose all we can do is wait and see what the rest of March brings—and enjoy the wonderful spring weather while we can.



Benjamin Rains