Published: March 4, 2016

BreckenridgeYou wake up on a Saturday morning. You start running through all the things you could do today, but you soon realize that you’ve exhausted Boulder of all if has to offer (extremely hard to do). There’s no way you can stay inside all day, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping (typical Colorado). Your skis are in the shop for tuning. You’ve made a whole new bomb mixtape that’s just waiting to be blasted. What do you do? Go to Ben’s Day Trip 101 and, because you’re nostalgic about “shredding the gnar” at Breck, you turn to the article “Breckenridge for non-skiers”—and absorb the following.

Step 1: Gather all needed provisions, and hit the road, heading on Hwy 93 (don’t forget the mixtape!). Take an optional stop off at Golden to get food.

Step 2: Take I-70 West and keep driving until you get to Frisco. Take an optional stop off to explore Frisco, and then follow the “Breckenridge this way” sign.

Step 3: Arrive in Breck, and find parking. But whatever you do, DO NOT take Main St. That is, unless you like just sitting in a car motionless…

Step 4: Probably the hardest of all the steps, find a parking spot in Breckenridge for free (you’re not allowed to pay for parking, we’re college students, we don’t pay for anything if we don’t have to).

Step 5: Put on your hiking shoes (or rent snowshoes if it's winter), and take a nice stroll on the mountain! There are plenty of trails to take and even more scenic viewpoints.

If it is winter, skip step 6.

Step 6: Set up that hammock you brought (you brought it, right?) and go take a nap in the woods.

Step 7: Return to the main town, and choose somewhere to eat from the cornucopia of options. Some suggestions include The Canteen, Breckenridge Brewery, Daylight Donuts and Fatty’s.

Step 8: Shop ‘til you drop! Breckenridge has plenty of clothing stores (mainly outdoor clothing, sorry H&M enthusiasts) and souvenir shops to spend hours in.

Step 9: If you’re feeling brave, go and get a crepe. But be warned, the line is usually unnecessarily long. I’m talking at least a 30 minute wait.

Step 10: Drive back home on I-70 East, don’t forget to take the exit that says “Boulder Next Exit."

Step 11: Arrive back home in Boulder, pick up your skis from the shop, and get yourself ready for your return to Breckenridge the next day, when you will conquer the ski slope. Tweet your day using the hashtag #DayTrip101, and get some rest.

Now close that book, get yourself together, grab a friend and get started on your day trip! Enjoy!



Benjamin Rains