Published: Feb. 23, 2016

Winter in Colorado is great for so many reasons. I don’t even ski or snowboard, but still have a ton of fun during winter. Here are some things that I get to do here during winter weekends that I can’t do during other times of the year.

Cassandra and her family having fun in the snowSnowshoeing: If you like to go hiking, I highly suggest snowshoeing. It’s basically hiking, but you get to wear giant shoes and roll around in snow when you want. It’s also relatively cheap and you can do it in a lot of places. I go to a lot of different places to snowshoe, and you don’t have to pay to go to those places like you do when you do most other snow sports. You can snowshoe at Chautauqua or even go to mountain resorts to do it.

Tubing: Like snowshoeing, snow tubing is a great alternative to skiing and snowboarding. If you like to be lazy sometimes, tubing is the best: you get to slide down a mountain on a tube! It may seem uneventful, but I promise it’s so much fun. I tried it for the first time recently and it got my adrenaline rushing and did not involve much physical labor, that’s my kind of snow sport.

Snow watching: This sounds rather odd, but another fun activity is to bundle up when it’s snowing. Maybe it’s a stretch to deem this an activity, but we’ll just go with it. I typically have hot chocolate while watching it. Sometimes we build an igloo too, but it’s also nice to just chill and watch nature happen around you.




Cassandra Duchan