Published: Feb. 8, 2016

Snowshoeing and mountainsThe chilling winds howl as you cower under your blankets, trying to grasp and hold onto any inch of warmth that you find. Winters can be hard in Colorado, and for many of us, our physiques go into hibernation while we sip hot cocoas and munch on hot fudge sundaes. Some days, it can be just too cold to do anything remotely healthy, unless you want to risk body parts freezing and falling off. Luckily, here in Colorado, the built in infrastructure of the state makes it remarkably easy to stay active during the chilly winter months, and help me to ensure that I have that rocking “bikini body” come the summer.

Do you know which example I’m going to give first? Hint hint: Mountains + Snow = ?. One of the easiest ways to stay active here is to go skiing or snowboarding, whether or not it’s a “pow day.” Both sports are relatively easy to pick up, and they both give a rather surprising workout that go along with them if you push yourself on the slopes. Although “shredding the gnar” may not be everybody's cup of tea, it is certainly one of the more popular options out here in CO—with so many world class resorts within a 2 hour drive of Boulder, it’s not uncommon to lose your friends to the enticing call of the mountains over the weekend.

If “sending it” with your board isn’t your forte, worry not! There is plenty to do here in Boulder to stay active. One of my favorites is to grab a sled (a light one mind you) and hike up to Chautauqua. Next step: continue to hike up as far as you dare go, and sled down. The hike up definitely makes you sweat—but as always, the ride down make it all worth it. No sled? That’s also fine, snowshoe it! No snowshoes? Also fine! You might just have to deal with some wet socks, but that never hurt anyone.

Last, but not least, if you can’t seem to get outdoors whatsoever for some reason, there’s always the CU-Boulder Rec Center. Perk: it’s heated and has more facilities than Arnold Schwarzenegger's private gym. Downfall: it’s not the great outdoors, but that’s okay! There are many times where I have chosen to just go and play basketball, or squash, or go bouldering over making the trek up to the foothills.

So get off that couch, wipe the crumbs off of your clothes, and go and get active! The options are almost endless, so there’s no excuse!



Benjamin Rains