Published: Feb. 9, 2016

Valentine's DayPersonally, I’ve celebrated many Valentine’s Days being single, and I’ve always enjoyed celebrating the one day specifically dedicated to love! If you’re single as a Pringle and ready to mingle (or not) this V-day, read on to find out a few ways to definitely NOT feel bummed about your love life on February 14th…

Anti-Valentine’s Day: For all the haters of the holiday itself. If “consumerist and cheesy” is your attitude towards V-day, or you just got out of a relationship, you can still celebrate yourself/your family/your friends/life (Pro tip: the best way to get over someone is to enjoy and appreciate living your own life to the fullest). Do something nice to celebrate yourself, like giving yourself a manicure/pedicure/spa treatment, reading your favorite book or going on a solo run/walk/hike. If you don’t fancy being alone all day, get together with other haters of V-day and do something fun (playing a massive card game, soccer game or video game) together. More ideas here.

GAL-entine’s Day: A day to celebrate and spend time with your gal pals (not restricted to only girls... Man-tine’s Day? Bro-tine’s??). You can go out with your crew for a night of fun and meeting people, or stay in your dorm or apartment and have a pizza party/movie marathon. Whatever option sounds more fun to you!! This is the true meaning of V-day: showing appreciation to those you truly appreciate/love!

Sushi Zanmai (next to Pearl Street): Karaoke on Saturday nights (This year on Saturday the 13th). Go get your sing on. A fun (and often hilarious) alternative to date night.

Qdoba free burritos for lip-locks: Undoubtedly the best form of payment for a burrito. Grab a friend (or more than a friend *wink wink*) and get a free burrito when you buy one entrée! Qdoba says "The kisses can be creative—kiss a picture of your favorite celebrity crush, your significant other, or even kiss yourself -- it all counts!" That’s right, kissing your phone also counts!

Halloween/Christmas/Thanksgiving again: Avoid the day of love altogether by announcing to everyone you will be celebrating your favorite holiday of choice instead. This is a bold option, but everyone will (maybe) appreciate your creativity.

College Basketball Day: If you’re more into watching sports than publicly recognizing how much you love the people in your life, there are quite a few teams to watch on February 14th: Also CU Women’s basketball vs Oregon at 5pm! Go Buffs!

However you choose to spend February 14th this year, there’s absolutely no reason to choose sadness! With so many fun events happening and free candy everywhere (don’t forget the major candy/chocolate sales on Feb 15th and beyond…), choose joy this Valentine’s Day, Buffs!!



Harper Brown