Published: Feb. 10, 2016

Netflix and baking at homeI am about to graduate, and I really cannot wait. After being in school for 3 years, it feels good to accomplish getting a degree because that means you can hang a fancy piece of paper on your wall that people will respect you for. Even if it’s the wall of your childhood home where you live after graduating and not finding a job. Just kidding, you will find a job.

I got a full time job offer with the firm I interned with last summer, and also have the option of going to graduate school after, so even after leaving college you have so many options to choose from. That’s the best thing about post-college graduation, you can work and earn enough to make a living, or you can continue to go to school if you’re really passionate about something. Graduating from CU-Boulder will leave me with a lot of options which feels awesome.

Having options also can be bad because, if you’re like me at least, you can get really distracted and perhaps even lazy. This is what they call “senioritis.” I’m sure many of you high school seniors are going through the same thing right now. The best part about being a senior in college is that you’re not at home, so you get away with more. For instance, I spent the whole day watching Netflix and eating ice cream—my mom would never let me do that. I also have been spending a ton of time baking, I made lavender lemon cupcakes yesterday just for fun. It was amazing!

So, what I’m trying to say is, work hard so you can spend the second semester of your senior year having a good time, not stressing over what’s next. If you have your ducks in a row your first three years of school, you’ll be smooth sailing your fourth year. You’ll have plenty of options, and you too will be able to embrace your senioritis.



Cassandra Duchan