Published: Feb. 5, 2016

Spring Semester ScheduleComing back from break can be good or bad. Typically coming back from summer break is a good time for me because I get tired of working my minimum wage job and being at home for too long. Returning from winter break is another story. Here at CU-Boulder, we get 3 weeks or a month off, which seems like a long time but can really fly by. I had a lot of plans for break, so things went really quickly and I don’t feel like I got much of a break.

No matter how you feel, the show must go on! Some of the best advice that I’ve gotten in college is to start your semester strong, because it’s much easier to maintain good grades than it is to recover from bad ones. This is extremely true no matter what you’re doing in college. Trust me, it’s never fun to play catch-up. That being said, be sure to be on time to your classes in the beginning, and try to go into your professor’s office hours before they start filling up. Getting your face in their minds early makes you stand out in a good way.

One strategy I use to make sure I’m on top of school and my other responsibilities is to make a schedule for myself, even scheduling studying time and times I can relax or be with friends. Maybe this won’t work for you, but it keeps me focused and really helps me get into everything I have to after being off of a schedule for so long. It also ensures you don’t miss out on anything you want to do because you have a set time for everything!

Remember, school waits for nobody and you don’t want to get behind. But also, be sure to schedule free time for yourself!



Cassandra Duchan