Published: Feb. 2, 2016

Swing Dance Club at CU-BoulderCollegiates—ever wondered what it would be like to try swing dance? Did you know there is a Swing Dance club at CU that gives free swing lessons and a social dance every week in the Glenn Miller Ballroom? Formerly meeting on Wednesdays, this year the Swing Dance Club will hold free lessons starting at 7pm and a social dance at 8pm every Friday.

Why try swing? It is exciting to learn a new kind of dance, especially one that isn’t widely practiced in 2016. It is also a fun social gathering with people you may not get to meet otherwise. There is no skill level required to try swing—all levels are welcome!

Skye Festog: “What I love so much about CU Swing Dance Club is the variety of people it gathers together in such an awesome community. I have so many people come up to me after a lesson or during a dance and say "Wow, this is so fun!! It's way cooler than I thought it would be!" And I really think that stems from having such a variety of people from all majors, circumstances and skill levels. From the frat boy who just wants to be able to make it through formal to the music major who is obsessed with jazz music and wants to learn to dance to it! Partner dancing is such a lost art these days. I think CU Swing offers an awesome opportunity to form an actual connection with someone, even if it’s just for a three-four minute song. And in the process I have found people get over the phobia of moving their body to music in public and make a lot of really cool friends they would never have met anywhere else.”

Need more incentive?

It’s a great way to meet ladies/gentlemen who like to try new things and have a great time!

Step out of your comfort zone and Charleston into new territory! If you can’t make Friday night lessons, there are also swing practices on Sunday at 11am, as well as lessons on Monday nights at Boulder Swing and Thursday nights at The Mercury Café in Denver! For all the details on CU Swing, go like the facebook page!!

Photos by Jessica Williams (Schoenheit Photography)

Below is a video of the amazing CU Swing Team, the Jitterbuffs!



Harper Brown