Published: Dec. 11, 2015


Right now, I am still very much swamped in class assignments and projects but I am already thinking about winter break. After all, we have already reached mid-semester and probably all need a well-deserved longer than a week time to rest. Although, most of us will simply go back home, some of us will take this opportunity to take a vacation and travel. As a result, student dynamics around campus start changing and reflect the natural cadence of the season changes around Boulder.

The very last week before break is insight to what’s to come later. Quietness and silence rules around campus. Not much people is to be seen around because they are either having a final exam or they are studying for them. Then, as the end of the week is near the pace accelerates and before you know it, the luckiest students get to start leaving their dorms. Suitcases and yellow cabs swarms out and about. Smiles redraw themselves on faces. Stress energy is nowhere to be felt. Landscapes are snow-white. Bodies are covered up. People are celebrating. And suddenly, campus is empty.

Campus during winter is an interesting experience. Unlike summer break, during which student can still attend classes, winter break is like a dead man’s zone on campus. Add to the scenery the cold and grey atmosphere of the season in order to fairly picture the visual aspect of our beautiful campus. You might be in for a treat if you are a snow enthusiast and cannot wait to take some of the best deserted snowy landscapes photos around town. Don’t get me wrong, even in winter, it might get very cold but the weather in Boulder is often as sunny and beautiful as it is during the summer.

Personally, during that time, unlike a lot of my friends who would rather enjoy excursions to the mountains for some skiing or snowboarding fun, I prefer to stay inside and enjoy the view in the warmth of a thick blanket, sipping on some delicious, hot beverage. It is also never too late to plan for a trip halfway during winter break. Just remember that websites such as Airbnb and Kayak are your best friends for the best trip finds, whether you decide to travel alone or with your friends.