Published: Dec. 10, 2015

If you are anything like I was around this time last year, you are probably putting up your tiny Harper
fake little Christmas tree in your dorm, and wondering if it’s appropriate to get your dorm friends Christmas gifts. Do people do that? Should I get my roommate a gift? Do I have to spend a lot of money?

 Let me ask you some questions: Do you like gifts? Do you talk to your dormmates?  If you would consider your roommate and dorm-mates your friends, I would suggest getting them all (small) Christmas presents, as a gesture of your appreciation for your friendship—my floormates and roommate helped me through a lot my freshman year!

By small presents, I mean inexpensive presents! Most of us understand and live the “poor” college-kid life (and if you haven’t yet, you probably will experience it eventually). On my all-girl floor my freshman year, we never talked about getting each other gifts, but we all ended up getting each other cards (one pictured had candy canes attached to it) and small presents, like hot cocoa mixes. Hand-made presents are the most thought-out, but everyone likes a little candy and maybe some chapstick! These were my favorite gifts because they weren’t expensive, they weren’t expected, and seeing them on your door makes everyone’s day.

For your roommate, if you two are close, you could get something a little more expensive—like some CU-Boulder gear, a blanket or something more personal—like a nice mug or hat or a letter expressing your gratitude for them taking out the trash or helping you with your Astronomy homework . . .

It is not essential for you to buy anyone you live with a gift, but if you do decide to show your floor/room-mates a little extra love this holiday season, food and small items are the best! If you do live in a dorm, don’t forget your RAs like notes of appreciation and little gifts too! Spread the love this holiday season!


Harper Brown
Harper Brown