Published: Dec. 2, 2015


Friday night, my roommate and I are all packed and ready to go, fidgeting in our seats. We Ski
had been waiting for this moment since we arrived on campus—our gear is sharpened, waxed, and ready to be put to the test. Finally, we get the call, it’s time to go. We essentially fly out of seats, and bounce off the walls as we gather the last of our gear. Outside, waiting for us, is our pioneering chariot that will take us to where the snow is numerous, a Subaru outback. Five minutes pass, and “Rocky” the Subaru is filled to the brim, and we are ready to go—so we hit the road. Rocky comes screeching to a halt, he’s thirsty. After the Subaru’s thirst is quenched with gasoline, we hit the road, again, for real this time. Jokes are shared, stories are told, music is blasted, but all events take place to pass the time as we slowly, but surely, approach our destination—Breckenridge. Arrival time is approximately 12:30 a.m., the snow ploughs twinkling like stars on the mountain ignite our enthusiasm once again. Yet, we decide that sleep is a good idea, to prepare us for the day ahead.

Saturday morning came around, and I jumped out of bed—as excited as I am on Christmas Morning. Get dressed, eat breakfast, get boots on, head out the door: the routine that all of us speed through as quickly as humanly possible. Within 45 minutes of waking up, we are out the door, en route to the gondola, where our day of “shredding the gnar” will begin. The gondola takes all too long as I start getting more and more giddy. After acquiring everyone’s Epic Local Pass, we’re on the chair lift, and before we know it, we’re on the mountain! We hit the first run hard, starting off with the black diamond that was open—and when I get to the bottom, I’m shaking with an adrenaline rush that is all too familiar—an adrenaline rush that I had long missed. The day continues and my “ski-rush” remains at a high. We have a cool down lunch that we packed ourselves—and then we finish the day off strong with our first round of ski races.

Day 2 rolls around, and despite our later start, the ski crew still attacks the mountain head on, covering much more ground than the day before, despite our tardy start. I fall, my friend pushes my other friend over, we attempt to do dumb tricks. Day 2 was filled with rambunctiousness and light-hearted skiing as we savour the final hours of our weekend ski trip. Eventually our day comes to an end, and we all head back to the condo, where we cook a delicious Mexican meal. Shortly following, we all pile into our chariot, sad to go, but content with our weekend, and make our way back towards Boulder—ready to tell stories of our great ski adventure.


Ben Rains
Benjamin Rains