Published: Dec. 1, 2015

I tend to be a very low-stress person which has been useful throughout college. But, this Finals
semester I had three exams for my major in one week. No matter how you spin that, it’s a bit of a rough situation. This is not to say exams are all that terrible, I just have never had that many in such a short amount of time. That being said, I survived it and feel good about my grades. The silver lining of having my exams all at once is that I don’t have any more tests until finals. Sure I have homework and other responsibilities, but I have so much more freedom than I did during that week. Here are some of the great things you get to do during your downtime in college.

  • Sleep: This is basically a warning statement against procrastination. When you don’t study in advance, you won’t get to sleep before it. I’m a huge procrastinator, so when I have exams I don’t sleep. The week after my exams, I got my eight hours in every night and even some naps. Side note: nap as much as you can throughout college, especially freshman year when your residence halls are so close to your classes!
  • Eat outside of the library: Don’t get me wrong, the food in the cafe at the library is great. But, your diet should consist of more than pastries and breakfast burritos. After my exams, I got to cook and bake anything I wanted and it’s been great. I’ve learned some new recipes and even used a slow cooker for the first time. I also ate an entire pizza after my tests were over, which felt well-deserved and was delicious.


Cassandra Duchan