Published: Nov. 25, 2015

Boulder may not be as known for its food as much as it for the other things going on here, Cassandra
but trust me, the restaurants here will not let you down. Not only is the food high quality, but there are diverse and authentic dining choices. There’s really something for every palette in this town.

Here are some of my favorite dining spots in Boulder:

  1. Hapa Sushi: Hapa is the best sushi place in Boulder, hands down. They have really unique rolls like the Statue of Liberty roll that has apples, avocado and tuna. I will say, once you eat at Hapa, eating at any other sushi place will be hard to fathom. The combination of the food and the fun environment makes Hapa a must. Also, they have sushi happy hour when you can get discounted rolls and appetizers; there is nothing more wonderful than their sushi happy hour.  
  2. Dushanbe Tea House: The Tea House is located within a building that was donated by Dushanbe, Tajikistan, which is Boulder’s sister city. The construction is absolutely beautiful, and is an experience in itself. On top of being beautiful, the tea house has pretty exceptional food. It’s hard to choose what you want to eat there, because they have cuisine from around the world. It’s even harder to choose what type of tea you want to accompany your meal: they have a very thick menu dedicated to just their tea selection.
  3. Verde: It’s been my struggle to find authentic tacos in Boulder, and I finally found them at Verde. I have not had a better taco in Boulder, and probably never will. They have the best combination of meats and taco style, and their salsa is perfect in taste. I can eat about five of these tacos in a sitting, and I’m not ashamed of it. I suggest getting your tacos crispy, then doing some cardio because they’re deep-fried but also they’re worth it.
  4. Wonder Press Juicery: Sometimes, I just like a light snack because I normally eat giant meals three times a day. That’s where Wonder Press comes in. Although it’s not technically a meal, the nutrients and the tastes of these juices are more than satisfying. I Food
    used to laugh when I saw celebrities juicing, but it’s actually delicious and I would never go back. Everything at Wonder is cold pressed, which makes the juices taste somehow even better than the fruit they came from. They also have the most refreshing juice
    combinations that make me feel like fruit can be yummy.

These are my top picks, but this list was hard to make because there are so many great places to eat in Boulder. Even though food maybe shouldn’t be your main focus when you’re here (although it sometimes is mine), you should definitely take advantage of living nearby a bunch of delicious restaurants. Sometimes, we get stuck in that college Ramen rut, and going out to eat with friends is the perfect way to fix that!



Cassandra Duchan