Published: Nov. 24, 2015


There is a new exciting website in town and it’s called Although, it is under construction and will go live in spring 2016, now’s a good time to take a look at it and voice your opinion about it. Yes, there is not many tools today doing exactly what it will strive to do for students. Put simply, Quikst is a designed website/app and is a market and content place by CU-Boulder students for CU-Boulder students.

Have you ever realized that there is a ton you can get from campus other than academic opportunities? You technically have access to tens of thousands of other students and whatever they may be offering you, whether it’d be content or a belongings of theirs. For instance, three weeks ago, I personally bought a second-hand 23-inch Acer monitor from a student for $40 only after she had used it for about a year only. Also, I acquired some Sony headphones last semester for free from another student who was getting a new (more sophisticated) pair for himself. And those, among other things, are probably the best deals I have made on campus since I’ve been at CU-Boulder.

The problem is, how do I easily find those students willing to sell or give me something of theirs that I’d be very interested in owning but not paying for, full price. Some might say Craigslist or eBay would do the job greatly, however, those websites do not provide me with verified accounts of students who live not far from me and who I trust more than total strangers when it comes it buying used items and meeting them for the transactions. Also, Quikst gives me the opportunity to share content with other CU-Boulder students such as requests for lost and found items, rooming requests, campus related discussions and so on.

Some will argue that Facebook groups can provide the same level of interactivity between students. However, not every student is on Facebook and necessarily want to share all their information when they interact with other CU-Boulder students. Facebook, also, can only do so much in giving its users efficient accessibility and searching options when it comes to “shop” through other students offerings. Ultimately, there seems to be great feedback from the few students who have already watched the preview video on Let’s see how far this ambitious interface goes.