Published: Nov. 23, 2015


1:30 a.m: I’m getting ready to go to sleep when my friend messages me asking if I can talk for a few minutes. So we meet in the lobby of my residence hall and talk about our days for a while. She brings up the idea of a hike, which we had discussed earlier, and says we should go for the sunrise, to which I, like any other tired person, said “OK!”

2:15 a.m: I go to my room and dress in my hiking clothes. My roommate wakes up because I’m bad at keeping quiet, and proceeds to think it’s morning and that he should get out of bed.

2:30 a.m: I put my roommate back to bed and head over to my friend's room to stay the night so that I don’t disturb my roommate when I leave.

5:30 a.m: We make our final preparations and set out in a westwardly direction. our destination: the Flatirons. After walking and talking for a while, we reach the Chatauqua park complex.

6:15 a.m: We can’t figure out where the trail head is in the dark, so we make a guess. Luckily, our guess was a good one, and we start our ascent.

6:30 a.m: We have a tussle with some deer. In reality, they just snuck up on us to make sure that we weren’t up to any mischief.

6:45 a.m: We reach the the part where the path is no longer paved, take a few photos and continue on.

7:00 a.m: We realize that the sun is rising in 20 minutes, and that the world is slowly becoming lighter, and start to pick up the pace.

7:15 a.m: Jump to my friend and I scrambling up rocks, like the mountain goats we are, to find a good vantage point to see the sunrise from.

7:25 a.m: I sip the tea I kept warm in my thermos as I watch the sun rise over the Great Plains.

7:45 a.m: Satisfied with our sunrise, we begin to make our way down the mountain, passing by all the “early birds” on their morning hikes as we descend.

8:15 a.m: We safely reach Baseline Road.

8:45 a.m: We finally get back on campus, and retire to our beds for a well-deserved nap.

Conclusion: Every CU-Boulder student should, at least once, make the nighttime journey to the Flatirons, to watch the spectacular sunrise that happens every day here in colorful Colorado.


Benjamin Rains
Benjamin Rains