Published: Nov. 18, 2015

Movies, and workshops, and traveling, oh my! The scents of Italy can draw you into a coma. Italy
I was inspired to start learning Italian after traveling to Rome, Florence and Venice this past summer, and enrolling in Italian at CU-Boulder was one of the best decisions I have made.

My teacher, Chiara Torriani, is passionate about teaching students the language of her culture. She is invested in our learning and progress, and she makes class a fun and comfortable learning environment every day. The class is small (as I imagine most language classes are in college), so we all know each other very well and have formed friendships.

Most college students stray away from learning a language (unless they are in an International Affairs major), because of the perceived difficulty. The class does move quickly—we cover approximately a year of language per semester, when compared to high school classes.  However, it is easy for our class to study for our chapter tests because we often study together, and our teacher is very accommodating over email and with office hours. We learn through videos, games, and occasionally, puppet shows!

The Italian Program at CU-Boulder offers many fun events for Italian students to attend – including movie screenings in Italian, photo contests, five-week Tarantella dance classes, and opportunities to study abroad in Italy (Maymester in Rome, for example)! The Italian and French departments are constantly hosting fun activities—just check out their websites to get involved! Most language classes can earn extra credit for our class for attending some of these events.

No, learning a language will not always be a cake walk. But it is certainly a worthwhile life skill! Learning a new language can take you to places during and after college that will change your life, and will show you the value of the time you invested in learning that language. So try out that language you’ve always wanted to try! If you attend class and practice, you will certainly succeed. “Si vive una sola volta"—you only live once!



Harper Brown