Published: Nov. 17, 2015

After living in Boulder for the past two years, I have gotten to be around some of the most Boulder
amazing people I’ve ever met. A lot of this is due to how unique Boulder is as a place, it attracts a lot of people from different backgrounds with different interests. We have the perfect blend of city life and nature. Let me tell you some of the best things about Boulder, Colorado.

  • It’s a mini Silicone Valley. There are a ton of startups in Boulder, including a lot of tech startups. This brings people who are intelligent and adventurous and typically not too much older than us. It also creates a lot of internships and jobs for students with people who are willing to let you play a major role in their companies. I have gotten to work for national brands which was not only great for the resume, but also let me discover some of my abilities.
  • We have a ton of hiking and other outdoor activities nearby. The list of things to do in Boulder has many (maybe mostly) outdoor activities on it. When you finish class for the day, you can go on a hike or hang out at the reservoir. On weekends, ski resorts and camping sites are not far at all. It’s amazing to be able to escape into the beauty that is all over Colorado.
  • There are plenty of indoor activities, too. I myself like to spend a fair amount of time inside Boulder
    after a weekend outdoors. This includes shopping and eating. There are three major malls that are all on bus routes straight from campus that offer both of my favorite activities. The malls all have a little bit of a different style. Pearl Street has a lot of trendy, locally-owned restaurants and shops, 29th Street has a national brands and lots of workout places, and Flatirons has everything that most major malls in the U.S. have. Even though Boulder may not be in the middle of a city, there are activities there that you can do within a major city.  
  • Speaking of major cities, Denver is close enough to spend as much time there as you want. Whether you drive or take the bus, getting to Denver is not hard at all. I go to Denver at least once a month to go to a trendy Denver brunch spot or a museum. When you want to experience something a little different from Boulder, Denver is not a bad option to have at your fingertips.And the drive from Boulder to Denver looks like this.

Overall, living in Boulder gives you a well-rounded experience where you can be one with nature, but also live the city life.



Cassandra Duchan