Published: Nov. 13, 2015

Am I the only one who enjoys the comfort of their own space, quietness and Study groupprivacy when it
comes to studying? What about when working on class projects? Of course, when it’s time to spend some serious cramming time, I like to isolate myself in a room with a tasty beverage, an engaging playlist, and nobody visible around to distract me. However, one college student must know that this protective and efficient personal shell shall be broken to adapt to the upheaval of a class group project.

Talk about a change, a group project opens doors for several interactions you may not have been used to before. All of sudden, your work is also somebody else’s work. Your stress is somebody else’s as well, and vice versa. Parts of your schedule must be shared with other students too. And most importantly, your grade is most definitely the shared element you will care the most about when working in a group project. But luckily, most of us have had some experience with working around classmates who had to share similar goals. Like, say, an A.

Don’t worry though, working with classmates or even strangers who share the same end Group project
purposes can be a very rewarding experience depending on how you look at it. First of all, any experience is a learning opportunity, whether good or bad. You will always know more about yourself than you did before. You might be forced into developing communication skills, problem-solving as well as group and time management skills. I personally believe that it is also one of the best ways to open one’s mind in a more serious environment. You must learn to be tolerant and patient in order to efficiently listen to somebody else’s opinion and bounce off of other people’s ideas.

Finally, strive to be strong mentally and grow a thick skin as well because, well, group work is not for everybody and sometimes you might be put into a group with individuals who absolutely do not know the first thing about mutual respect, courtesy and manners. And in that case, know that the professors will be on your side and its okay to not want to put up with somebody’s mis-educations. Nonetheless you could be lucky and you may actually
create great friendships with sets of people whom you’ll get to work with on future
class work and assignments.