Published: Nov. 9, 2015

Almost everyone I know here in Boulder has a Nalgene or a CamelBak water bottle (but we Norlin Library
all know which one is better)—they’re immensely more common than disposable water bottles. One of the main attractions to these water bottles is how one can customize them with stickers that they get from places. Understandably, it is a sad day when a Nalgene gets misplaced or goes missing. It’s almost like a part of you gets lost. Luckily for me, I’ve found that Nalgene bottles always come back to their owner. This, here, is the story of my search for my lost Nalgene.

For a little background, I must admit that the pocket in my backpack where I put my Nalgene is not the best ever—the pocket is very loose after years of wear and tear, and is susceptible to having things fall out of it. I sat down at the library one day to do some work, and I placed my backpack, with my Nalgene in it, on the ground. It came time for my class, and I absentmindedly picked up my backpack and headed straight to class, not realizing that my poor Nalgene was left on the ground. It wasn’t until after my subsequent class that I realized I had lost my water bottle, and I made haste toward the library, where I discovered that my Nalgene was not where I left it and it’s not in the lost and found.

For days, I searced the library for my missing Nalgene. I looked in the book stacks, by the Laughing Goat, in the conference rooms, and even the British and Irish Studies room (which I had never been in before.) Consequently, I know the library extremely well now, but there was still no sign of my Nalgene. Then, one day, I had given up hope of ever finding it, and I was just walking to my class, when I saw a little blurb of red in my peripheral. I turn to look, and there my Nalgene was! Just sitting on a bench outside Norlin Library, completely alone. I go to take a closer look, and I see my name on the lid of the bottle (yes I still write my name on my things), and I knew that my Nalgene had returned to me. Filled with happiness, I returned the Nalgene safely to my room, where it once again became a part of my water bottle family.

Update: currently, a similar situation has happened with my blue Nalgene. I will provide updates while it is off gallivanting.



Benjamin Rains
Benjamin Rains