Published: Nov. 6, 2015

Toward the beginning of the school year, a group of friends and I went to Paradise Cove, a Geocahing
popular cliff jumping site in Colorado. While there, I happened to stumble upon what appeared to be just an abandoned coffee can. However, when I got closer, I held in my excitement as I realized that I had come across a Geocache. What is a Geocache? Well, a Geocache is a small item/box, hidden by a fellow Geocacher that is left to be found by plugging in its coordinates into a GPS or smartphone. Some of these hidden treasure can be big, like the coffee can that I came across, or extremely tiny, being no bigger than a locket. Ever since I came across the one that I found out near the Woodlands, I have developed a slight hobby for searching for the various Geocaches that are hidden in the Boulder area.

The first step was to access the website,, to see where the caches in Boulder are hidden. I soon discovered that there are, in fact, hundreds of Geocaches in the 303 area code. So, I chose my first target, an apparent book that had been hollowed out, hidden in one of the book stores on Pearl Street. After turning the whole book store inside out, and learning way too much about the Spanish Inquisition, I had to admit that the search for this Geocache was a loss. It was then that I came to the realization that looking for these Geocaches was going to be a lot harder than I had originally thought. I went back to base (my room) to gather more intel about some supposedly easier ones to look for. I searched for the nearest one to me, and found the coordinates of a Geocache hidden by Folsom Field—this was going to be a good challenge.

The clues stated that the treasure itself was a 35mm film container, so definitely not a large treasure to look out for. The hider then provided a coded clue, which I decoded to read, “Why don’t you STOP and look at that SKIRT”—which I have yet to make any sense of. Still, I made my way over to the outside of Folsom, by the Ralphie statue where the coordinates pointed me toward. I got plenty odd looks thrown in my direction, as most people only saw me thoroughly inspecting a buffalo. Little did they know that I was in search of an impossibly hidden object. I desperately did not want this to be another failure, however my chances were not looking good. Eventually, I had to concede the fact that I had just happened upon that one Geocache at Paradise Cove by pure luck, and was not by any means a Geocaching Sherlock. I do, however, challenge all of you to find the Geocache by Folsom Field. Use the clues that I could not decipher, and remember, it’s somewhere by the Ralphie statue! If you find it, let me know. Good luck!


Benjamin Rains
Benjamin Rains