Published: Nov. 5, 2015

Forty-eight members of the Christian fraternity and sorority, Alpha Gamma Omega and Alpha In action
Delta Chi, travelled 40 hours round-trip in three large white vans to Pismo Beach, California to play in a flag football tournament with AGO and ADX Chapters across the country—AKA my weekend.

If you haven’t yet met the members of the Christian fraternity on campus, the men of Alpha Gamma Omega, you are missing out. They are fun, loving and easy-going. They also allow their sisters (also known as the women of Alpha Delta Chi) to join them on their yearly trek to Pismo Beach, California, where chapters of AGO gather every year to compete in a friendly round of flag football, the winners taking home a small trophy and the rest taking home some fun memories. For the University of Colorado Boulder, ADX & AGO chapters traveling from Thursday night to Sunday night, we take home a weekend full of adventure.

The event is hosted by the Kappa chapter of AGO at CalPoly State University. The chapters that arrived this year were mostly from California, excluding CU and CSU. Anyone that is in either ADX or AGO is welcome to play the game, regardless of skill level. I found myself on Pismo beach with my team in the running-back position, having never played football before, and I had a wonderful time trying something totally new to me. The games can get intense but at the end of the day each chapter is there to have fun and make friends—each time prayed for the other at the start and end of the game.

We camped with a few other chapters when we got to California, then were so excited for the Circle of students
tournament we (almost) didn’t mind the 6:00 a.m. wakeup call, rolling out of our tents covered in dew and ready for the day. We put on our matching chapter shirts (a different color for each chapter) and painted our faces for intensity. Though we emerged tired, sore, and with a few injuries—it was a Saturday worth driving for!

It was especially rewarding for CU-Boulder’s chapters because we aren’t used to being so close to the ocean. We loved being able to jump in the waves and play in the sand, while looking at the scenic California mountain view. The views from our van window in Utah were also picturesque. I loved our one hour stop in Las Vegas for breakfast, after having driven throughout the night.

While we may have lost the championship, along with some time studying for our midterms, we gained friendship, sportsmanship, experiences and college memories to last a lifetime! Both ADX and AGO at CU-Boulder are proud to be invited back to this amazing event every year.



Harper Brown
Harper Brown