Published: Nov. 4, 2015

Coffee shop

I drink at least a cup of coffee a day, because, well, college. Also I like to think I look really busy when I’m carrying a coffee cup around (I’m not). It’s relaxing to be able to step away from campus for a bit to hang out with friends, study for a midterm or just enjoy Boulder’s art and music scene. Boulder’s coffee shops offer all that and more.

It’s obvious that I love coffee and coffee shops, so here’s a list of some of my favorite spots in Boulder:

  1. Pekoe Sip House: Pekoe is a cafe that has coffee, tea and boba. If you’ve never had boba, I would recommend trying it because I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like boba—especially the boba from Pekoe. In addition to boba, my favorite drink here is the spicy green chai. It’s green tea and spicy chai tea, and it’s nothing short of a magical experience. Pekoe is not only delicious, but it is also conveniently located on campus. I stop there in between classes and still (mostly) make it to class on time.
  2. Buchanan’s Coffee Pub: If you walk by Buchanan’s, it looks like just another place on the Hill, but it’s really a unique place with good vibes. I go there to meet with professors and have had job interviews there, and it’s also a nice place to go after classes to reflect on your day. They have a huge selection of teas that are unique and tasty like the lavender Earl Grey. I suggest sitting in their outdoor seating because you’ll see at least 12 people you know walk by, and you get the best of the Hill’s people watching there.
  3. Ozo Coffee Co.: Best-known for their mochas, Ozo is the best place to find a variation on the classic drink you’ve probably never had before. My personal favorite is the Almond Joy mocha, which tastes like they blended one of the best candy bars with one of the best drinks (maybe that’s actually what they do and I discovered their secret). They always make fun shapes out of the milk in their drinks that you have to Instagram often—or maybe that’s just me. I also love studying at Ozo because it’s on Pearl Street and has a lot of classy older people that make me feel productive to be around.
  4. The Laughing Goat Coffeehouse: If you want coffee and music, Laughing Goat is the place to be. There are free live performances at the Pearl Street location every Saturday night, so it’s always a nice place to feel artsy and drink coffee. The environment here is perfect for any hipster outfit you want to wear. Also, there is a location in Norlin Library that is open late (even 24 hours during finals) and is so convenient.
  5. Peet’s Coffee & Tea: Although Peet’s is a national chain, the one in Boulder feels like a local place. The baristas remember your order and treat you like you’re special (which you are, but it’s nice to have others affirm that fact). Peet’s is always pretty quiet and is open until 9:00 p.m., which is great when you have to study. This month, they’re featuring a Maya mocha that’s spicy and generally perfect. Their seasonal drinks are definitely the best of the coffee chains, and they’re always generous with the whipped cream.

So, go ahead—pick a place on the list and enjoy!


Cassandra Duchan
Cassandra Duchan