Published: Nov. 3, 2015

This may come as a surprise for some readers, but I don’t celebrate Halloween much at all. It Pumpkin in Paris
may be because I did not grow in a place where this cultural event was actively practiced and welcomed by everyone (France), or it may just be that I wasn’t creative enough to come up with one of the most original costumes yet (original enough to deem a celebration necessary). The second guess may be the most accurate; who am I kidding, although Halloween is still very much an American celebration, it’s still a source of fascination for a lot enthusiasts around the world who can get a taste of it via the media, TV shows and internationally broadcasted American programs. I think they’re mostly fascinated because it is a time to have fun and to be somebody you are not.

In terms of costumes, I see that people tend to go for the wow factor, and I have been amused to acknowledge the creativity of some partygoers, as well their dedication. Indeed, Halloween night is not exactly the warmest of the year and I still remember spotting a lot of enthusiasts willing to wear open clothes to their costumes even if it meant walking around at night in cold temperatures. On the other hand, I have sometimes been shocked by how far people are willing to go to be a show stopper. I am talking about those costumes that are intended to be comical, but do nothing but to feed a stereotypical culture.

Generally speaking, I applaud those who can be just as original and as tactful when it comes to Halloween, though I feel like it’s important to think about those people you may not know who will also be celebrating the night with you and may not understand by your costume (regardless of your intentions). For this reason, I am not surprised to have seen several of the We’re Not a Costume, We’re a Culture campaign posters from Ohio University posted on several walls of our own Center for Community.

To finish, I will say that expressiveness doesn’t need to come at the expense of somebody else. I can laugh at myself all day long, but not everybody is the same. I will spend Halloween night with people I know I know well, and will enjoy good laughs as I celebrate this fascinating American holiday.