Published: Oct. 29, 2015

We all love to listen to the ephemeral sounds of the Golden Buffalo Marching Band (GBMB), Buffalo
on the field during games and on Farrand Field. Just ask the residents of Farrand, Baker, Libby, and Cheyanne-Arapahoe: they love waking up to the sounds of the band practicing at 7:30am every Saturday morning on game days!!

Tradition, heartbeat, spirit, and pride. The GBMB, now in its 107th season, has always been dedicated to greatness.  They perform at every home football game, select away games, bowl games and every Friday night before home games on Pearl Street. The band members are not only talented, but enthusiastic about being part of their team of musicians. Each member has perfected the art of playing their instrument, while also changing formations on the field (they make a Buffalo shaped formation!) and incorporating dance/body movements. Andrea Guadagnini-Zaharko, a second year GBMB saxophonist, talks about the energy of the band and the overall experience of being part of the Golden Buffaloes Marching Band:

“Everyone in the band has a lot of energy. They’re very enthusiastic and spirited about the same thing and that’s pretty much contagious. Regardless of what kind of mood Band
you’re in, when you get to practice you experience a shared positive energy. Also, you spend a lot of time with your fellow band mates so it’s a really good way to make friends. During band camp, which is the week before school starts, you get a chance to make new friends and reunite with old ones before the semester even starts. Everyone is really supportive—some people join band having never marched or played a particular instrument before and they receive tons of help from the people in their section. Plus, playing music with people is fun!”

The enthusiasm of the Golden Buffaloes can’t be beat! Their spirit is evident in their dedication to daily practice. They practice three times a week during the year and on game days. The band is the spirit and the energy of games—and the heart. Their catchy tunes (the song Happy by Pharrell Williams made an appearance this year) make the football and basketball fans dance in the stands, and every halftime show is planned, practiced, and perfected to the last note. Not to mention they never sit down during games . . .
You’ve probably heard of the Pearl Street Stampede or Buff Stampede tradition, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out! Every Friday before a football game, rain or shine, the marching band performs on Pearl Street in an event rightly dubbed The Stampede. The Stampede starts in front of the Boulder County Courthouse at 7 p.m. The stampede is led by an antique CU-Boulder firetruck and is fun to watch and listen to with your whole family or group of friends. The best place to hang out and see this band in action is outside the courthouse on 14th and Pearl for their opening pep rally!


Harper Brown
Harper Brown