Published: Oct. 28, 2015

Weather in Boulder is strange. There, I said it. But actually, it’s really all over the place during Layering
this time of year which makes it hard to get dressed in the mornings. I have class earlier in the mornings, then I have work and other activities in the afternoons. This makes it impossible (I know, I’m dramatic) to get back home to change. When mornings are chilly and afternoons are warm, if not hot, wearing the same outfit all day can be a battle.

Alas, it is a battle I have learned to fight with one weapon: layering. I wear two to three different layerable pieces when summer is turning into fall because I know that it will be frigid (probably an overstatement) in the mornings and super warm and sunny in the afternoons.

Layering is a skill that is useful during all times of the year here, really. During the summer, it’s very warm outside and inside the buildings are well-air conditioned. In the winter, it’s the opposite, and spring is just a repeat off fall with temperatures changing three times a day. But, the more I think about it we’re really lucky here in Boulder because in most other places when it’s cold, it just stays cold. Here at least the sun comes out!


Cassandra Duchan