Published: Oct. 20, 2015

As you get ready to head to school at CU-Boulder, you might be questioning if you should Cars at CU-Boulder
bring your car with you.

Though CU-Boulder allows freshmen to have cars, you have to choose whether or not to buy a parking pass. I choose not to, and I am glad.

Here is why:


While parking is available at CU-Boulder, it can be expensive to purchase a parking pass. You will end up needing a job or some form of income if you do choose to maintain a car and pay for fuel.
Alternative transportation

CU-Boulder provides bus transportation (the Buff bus for any WillVill residents) all over campus and Boulder. They are free with your student bus pass and they run all the time! I am
glad I have acquired the skill of using the bus system.

Parking tickets and speeding tickets

As with any college campus, parking on campus is restricted to certain lots and times, and it's easy to get yourself into a bind by parking in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all know that speeding tickets and other traffic violations can also take a heavy toll to your wallet. Leave your car at home and avoid the fees!

Everything is in walking distance

If you’re a student at CU-Boulder, especially a freshman, there are few places you will need to go that are not in walking distance that you can’t take a bus to. It’s convenient and cheap—save up for a car after college!

It’s Boulder

Boulder promotes environmental awareness. The natives are concerned with environmental health, and they support environmentally friendly transportation options, like biking!

Biking and boarding are popular on campus and acceptable forms of transportation in the Boulder community. It is healthier for you and your beautiful city. I love getting some exercise on my bike on my way to class!

One pro of having a car on campus:

Instant popularity

All of your friends will want you to drive them places.Heelys

Overall, the obvious decision is to come as you are—with a bike/skateboard/longboard/scooter/roller skates/Heelys.
Well, the Heelys aren’t so popular anymore . .  .

Either way you choose, it is most important to keep in mind that Boulder is full of pedestrians,
and they always have the right of way. And if you bring a bike, keep it safe by buying a U-lock.


Harper Brown
Harper Brown