Published: Oct. 19, 2015

There is a place on the Hill—unlike other locations in Boulder, I have made some of my most Terra Thai
memorable moments there either alone or with friends. Perhaps it is due to the original and exquisite menu of this place, which never ceases to innovate and awaken my taste buds whenever I go there. Or is it because I somehow always feel so comfortably at ease there. This little charming and homey spot is 2-year-old Thai restaurant, Terra Thai, near Broadway Avenue, and minutes away from the underpass on the Hill.

 “Terra Thai is truly a culinary treasure on The Hill,” “Absolutely delicious! The menu is small, but the choices are all amazing,” “It may not be traditional but, let me tell ya, this was prepared by a bonafide, journeyman Thai chef and is better quality than any Thai street food” and “Just wow. Little hole-in-the-wall Thai place” are just a very few of all the reviews that this truly worth-trying place has generated online. A simple visit to their yelp profile will make everybody nod and agree to try it at least once. And why shouldn’t you? With their 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, their arguably very affordable pricing and their undeniably strategic and Terra Thai
practical location, right behind the RTD bus stop, this family owned and managed little gem has become my favorite go-to place in Boulder to enjoy a tasty, convenient and pleasant meal.

Over the years, I have befriended Aung who runs the place and always welcomes her customers with a genuine smile and interest. Indeed, the people at Terra Thai not only care about what is on your plate, they also care about you. Aung is very proud of the food they prepare, but she also cherishes the friendships they cultivate with the increasing number of people who have fallen for this place. Yes, it tends to be easier to build strong ties with family owned restaurants, especially those, like Terra Thai, which strive to provide creative yet authentic Thai street food type meals for locals, back in Thailand.

All in all, although quite common in Thailand, this type of restaurant is undeniably rare here in Boulder, let alone in Colorado. I have introduced several of my Thai friends to Terra Thai and they seem to agree with the majority. A few of them would come all the way from Denver and farther cities to get a piece of this tailored menu. I am right here in Boulder, and I still haven’t had enough of their homemade coconut ice cream and mango with sticky rice. Every season sees new meals emerge and old ones temporarily disappear, so don’t waste time. Give it a try!