Published: Oct. 19, 2015

In my four years here in Boulder, I’ve attended the Boulder Theater only twice. The first time Boulder Theater
was three weeks ago when I attended the Techstars Demo Night, as I mentioned in a previous post. On Tuesday, September 27, a dear friend of mine invited me to a Purity Ring concert taking place just there. It was be my second opportunity to attend this staple location in Boulder. Thus, I have wondered what the history of this theater has been through the years.

As it stands today, the Boulder Theater was built in 1935 and had its opening night in January 1936. Before it had been purchased by the Fox Theater Company and rebuilt, this historic theater would showcase opera shows, music shows and movies while depicting the artistic diversity of the past. When the opera house was extended during the 1935 constructions, the architectural style was in tune with that of that era.

This theater has been through ups and downs, shapes and reshapes in the recent decades. It was renovated as a state-of-the-art concert hall in 1981, closed down in 1983, transformed Boulder Theater
again into a multi-use venue in 1988, sold in 1992 and then later closed down again in 1993. After reopening its doors in 1995, the theater hosted around 250 shows per year performed by some of the most revered local, national and international artists.