Published: Oct. 13, 2015

Fall on campus

It’s no secret that some students at CU-Boulder are from out of state. Do not fear the Boulder Fall on campus
winter—with the proper attire and my guidance, you can and will survive the often chilly and occasionally frigid fall and winter months at CU-Boulder.

The first thing you will need is a waterproof winter jacket. Having lived in states with cold winters, my eyes were opened to a different way of life when my CU-Boulder dorm friends from California explained that they had never owned a winter jacket before. If your jacket is durable enough for below freezing temperatures, you should be just fine! Hopefully this doesn’t deter you from coming to Colorado, but it is important to be prepared for snowfall above 5 inches, rain, hail and all of the in-between. Fall in Boulder is beautiful but unpredictable. Though it is 80 degrees and sunny one fall day, it could be below freezing the next day—but the best part about Colorado is that it will most likely always be sunny!

Boulder is a lovely place of variable weather. The rain will come out of
nowhere because we are so close to the mountains. The most important things you can buy are a rainjacket, boots, gloves, a hat, sunglasses and a winter jacket. If you have these essential items, you should be set! Layering your outfits for class all day is a skill you will acquire, as well as remembering to always bring a jacket with you.

Though the weather sometimes goes through all the seasons in one day, we are all excited to experience the loveliness that is fall at CU-Boulder!




Harper Brown
Harper Brown