Published: Oct. 12, 2015

I was never brought up in the football culture that encompasses America. All my friends Rocky Mountain Showdown
would be following the Eagles seriously, and I would be sitting there enjoying the soccer with my dad. I never was really able to grasp the concept of football or how people were able to watch it when it took so much time to finish just one game. Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical when it came to buying the football season pass—however, I was convinced into making the purchase, with the promise that going to a football game would be like nothing I had experienced before.

As we made our way toward the stadium, what started as a whisper grew louder and louder. The noise eventually became a thundering boom of Boulder students singing our fight song. As I entered the stadium, my horizon expanded, until eventually I could clearly see a sea of Buffs surrounding a giant field with the Flatirons in the backdrop. The marching band was playing on the field, and then suddenly Ralphie comes storming onto the turf, igniting the crowd. The atmosphere was like nothing I had ever seen before. Then the game began. UMass appeared strong at first, but the mighty Buffs pulled through. By the time half-time rolled around, CU-Boulder ran a formidable lead against the Minutemen.

It was then, with the crowd going crazy, the Spirit Squad cheering, and the band playing at full blast, that I realized what going to a football game was all about. Yes, the game itself is very important, and everyone wants to see the Buffs come out on top—but that’s not the only reason that people go to the games. We all go for a sense of family. Never have I felt more like a member of a community than I did when I was in the middle of the student section yelling “Go CU!” with the rest of my fellow Buffaloes. Being a part of this giant group of students, all routing for CU-Boulder, gave me this indescribable sense of joy and, miraculously, made the four-hour-long game seem like a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the game had to end at some point. With the Buffs victorious, we all left the stadium in high spirits, loving not only the score, but also this new sense of identity we all gained with the new season.


Until next week.


Ben Rains
Benjamin Rains