Published: Oct. 6, 2015

Did you know you can meet and greet new people and make new friends from all over the International Coffee Hour
world every Friday afternoon around a free coffee and weekly gifts lottery at the UMC? If you did, then you are one of the lucky CU-Boulder students to have most likely already attended the International Coffee Hour.

A trip to the UMC during the International Coffee Hour always reminds me of a subway ride in the undergrounds of New York City. One where diversity is at the fullest, everybody comes from afar yet they all belong here. And amazingly, they all understand each other although they originally speak very different languages from all continents.

People don’t only stay there for the free coffee and cake and for the raffle at the end; they also stick around for the good conversations. The rules are simple: come to the main desk, get a tag, write your name and your country on it, sit at a table and wait to meet your new friends. Everybody does the same and the exchange of positive energy has been going on for several years already. Learning from different cultures and unexpected ways of thinking is a powerful lesson for growth and tolerance.

I have made most of my best encounters at CU-Boulder during coffee hours. It is truly the International Coffee Hour
best way to feed your social experience at CU-Boulder with positive people and definitely a recommended means to celebrate the start of the weekend. Some may leave the event in groups to enjoy dinner somewhere or to spend time together. Yes, international student gatherings are the most fun and memorable. The best friendship will transcend countries boundaries; and whether you cultivate them in Boulder or in any of the 96 represented countries, you will be glad and happy to have attended the International Coffee Hour.